Skid Car Classes

We are fortunate enough to have partnered up with First Gear Skid School, who uses a specialized skid car to help train better drivers. Currently there are only a handful of these cars available to the public! Thanks to our outstanding supporters in the community, we are able to offer this important class at a substantial discount! 

Skills covered include:

    Accident avoidance

    Basic and critical breaking

    Defensive driving

    Skid control and recovery

New drivers will learn how to react to a skid or out of control situation – techniques that can literally save their lives.

Experienced drivers can also benefit as we point out areas of improvement or bad habits when it comes to driving in dangerous conditions. This is especially important if you are driving a more recently manufactured vehicle with any of the newer car safety features, such as electronic stability control (ESC), anti-lock braking system (ABS), or traction control (TC).

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Skid car 2