1. Sign up for a CPR Class Provided by South Metro Safety Foundation: 


    Babysitting Class: Designed for Teens 11 to 14 years old who want to care for younger children.
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    Youth Safety Skills Class -  Designed for Teens 11- 14 years old who want to stay home alone.  
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    CPR Classes for Older Teens and Adults, great for new parents!
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At the Foundation...

  1. Specialized Winter Driving Class 

    The South Metro Safety Foundation has partnered with First Gear Skid School to bring you an amazing winter driving experience! This class uses one of 5 skid cars in the country that are available to the public. 

    Rates for this type of training is typically $350.00, however if you register through South Metro Safety Foundation your cost will be reduced to $150.00! 

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    Not sure what a skid car is, take a look at the video below!