Lone Tree Child Car Seat Inspections

To get started, please select an inspection location below.  Please select from dates available.

  • For virtual appointments please call 303-805-0228.  
  • Schedule your in-person appointment below.
  • A car seat inspection will take up to 30 minutes per car seat or booster.  If you have 2 or more car seats, please book 2 consecutive inspections.  If you have an extra car that you want a car seat to be fitted into, please book those inspections separately.

 Prior to your appointment:

  • Please familiarize yourself with your car seat manual and the section of your vehicle owner’s manual regarding proper installation of the car seat or booster.
  • Please install the car seat to the best of your ability using the instructions provided in these two manuals

Please bring your vehicle owner’s manual and a copy of your car seat manual to your appointment for the technician to reference.  

It is strongly recommended that your child be present to assure a proper fit in the car seat.

Lone Tree Location

8871 Maximus Dr.
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8871 Maximus Dr.